Corporate Days

Stress in the work place decreases productivity, reduces morale and reduces performance. Whilst it is not possible to remove stressful situations it is possible to manage it and this is where massage can help!

Massage is an effective method of reducing stress, increasing positivity and productivity whilst creating a feeling of well being among employees. Massage can:

  • corporate massageStimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, increasing energy levels and inducing calmness
  • Boost the immune system, which is weakened by constant stress
  • Ease muscle tension to improve posture and reduce likelihood of Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Enhance self esteem and give comfort through the sense of touch
  • Release endorphins – relieving pain and encouraging relaxation
  • Stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which slows the body down, encourages deeper breathing, lowers heart rate and promotes better digestion
  • Minimise stress related conditions such as insomnia, headaches and back ache by relaxing all systems of the body
  • Stimulate the body’s natural ability to repair and renew at cellular level

A seated massage takes a short time for each person and therefore does not interfere with the work flow of the day and will leave your staff feeling energised, motivated and relaxed, allowing them to achieve peak performance.

Take care of your business by taking care of your employees and contact me to discuss an onsite massage session.

Currently working with local companies including Webexpenses and Audley Travel.