Sports & Remedial Massage

sports massage pressure pointUsing specialised techniques, sports massage is able to target specific problem areas to reduce pain, increase mobility and enhance the performance of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Sports massage includes stretching techniques, deep tissue work, fascial release, neuromuscular techniques as well as traditional massage practices.

Sport massage increases circulation in all of the body’s systems and soft tissue which aids the removal of scar tissue and fibrous adhesions and lymphatic drainage (metabolic waste removal). Treatment can increase or decrease muscle tone and length and alter nerve stimulus.

Sports massage is not just for athletes. The techniques used in this therapy can be beneficial for many postural problems and aches that are caused by modern occupations. From RSI to back and neck pain caused by desk working, sports massage can relieve the pain, ease tension and muscle fatigue making it a therapy for all.

Post injury sports massage is an integral part of recovery and rehabilitation. By breaking down the fibrous scar tissues that form on injured muscles and soft tissues as part of the healing process and encouraging the flow of oxygenated blood to the site of injury we boost the body’s natural healing process.

Sports massage can improve the health of your muscles and soft tissue and improve your recovery from training and injury. Perform at your best by incorporating sports massage into your training