Had pain in my back and hip for a long time now…. after my massage, it has improved massively. Thank you
Hannah, March 2019

After not being sleeping past 6 am from Monday to Thursday last week because of the horrible pain in my lower back, after your massage on Thursday, on Friday I woke up at 7.30 as per usual and Sat at 9.30!!! Thank you!!! My life is back!
L.P., Aug 2018

Thank you, my Jaw had been making awful noises and was painful for months, after your treatment it has been absolutely fine 🙂
Charlene E. September 2017

After experiencing an epic dad fail on the skate park I suffered an injury to my back which immobilised me considerably for a few days. Without the experience & professionalism of Jenny my recovery would have been undoubtedly longer! Extremely professional & knowledgeable in the service that she provides, I will definitely be using her treatments again, hopefully not under the same circumstances!
Neil F. July 2017

After doing my first marathon Jenny has helped set straight a couple of subsequent niggles post race with wonderful clear & knowledgeable explanation so I can also appreciate what’s wrong. I will certainly be using Jenny’s expertise again! Thank you for such wonderful treatment – especially from the comfort of my own home!
Sadie F. November 2016

Thank you Jenny for a really superb back and shoulder massage! Hadn’t realised just how restricted my neck movement was before you worked your magic and now the tension has gone from my shoulders too.
Frankie T. October 2016

As a runner my regular sports massage with Jenny has really boosted my poor aching legs and kept them going. The stretching advice has also really helped too.
Chrissy D. February 2016

I have had a lot of massages before and Jenny has been by far the best. First you have the convenience of having the massage in your own home at a time to suit you. Secondly her ability to amend her style based on what you need e.g. Relaxing massage or sports massage means each massage is unique to your needs. I now don’t go anywhere else if I need a massage whether it be for relaxation or for a problem area. The most professional mobile massages I have ever had.
Lucy S. August 2015

Awesome massage thanks Jenny!!! Incredibly relaxing and I felt amazing afterwards. A lovely Friday night treat without having to go anywhere.
Gilly G. June 2015

Having run 21x 10 miles in 21 days my legs and shoulders felt like a rusty robot, stiff as a board and aching all over. 24 hours after a massage from Jenny and I feel human again, ready to take on the world! Can’t thank you enough Jenny!
Simon A. May 2015

Can’t believe that a massage can sort out all that shoulder pain – result!
Zoe J. Feb 2015

Awesome work on my back. The best it’s felt in a long long while 🙂 Thank you!
Danny R. December 2014

Best massage I’ve ever had! I used to live in Hong Kong where its cheap enough to have one massage a week. But honestly out of 100 Jenny you were the best hands down 🙂
Graham U. November 2014

Thanks Jenny, the work you did on my shoulders was exactly what I needed. And my running injury in my knee is better. Your knowledge and technique showed through clearly on the first appointment. I am recommending you and will use you again.
Alex S. August 2014

Thank you so much Jenny, you have worked out the mass of knots in my shoulders, think this might become a regular thing if skydiving carries on as it is. Great service and price, can highly recommend Jenny’s magic massage fingers, oh and the elbows.
Sharron F. May 2014

She sorted my stiff sore sprained ankle out, after the first session the improvement in range of movement was incredible. Highly recommended.
Lydia R. March 2014

Super massage, highly recommended.
Zoe W. April 2014