Massage and Covid-19

In order to keep us as safe as possible and help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, there have been some changes to the way in which I shall be operating although I shall be doing my best to make things as normal as possible.

The following is based on the regulations issued by the Government and the guidelines recommended by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Your Appointment
In order to reduce the risks associated with face to face time I will book a time to go through your consultation by phone, or ideally WhatsApp or Zoom – don’t be daunted by this, it is really useful for me to be able to see what movement limitations you may have and for you to be able to point if you don’t know the right name for the “front bit of the shoulder chest bony bit.”

Hands on massage time will be 45 minutes. This means I can ensure with set up and packing up I am in your home for no more than the hour total as required by regulations. It is still enough time to enjoy your massage and to reduce the tensions, aches and niggles.

I will follow up with you to ensure all is well after your treatment and offer any recommended stretching or self care in the following couple of days.

What I Will Do

  • PPE: I will be wearing a mask, a visor and gloves. It is a government regulation that gloves are worn for massage. The gloves are latex free and it feels fine, I promise.
  • SYMPTOMS: I will email you a Covid19 screening form to be completed within 24 hours prior to the appointment and I shall take and record your temperature at the start of the treatment.
  • HYGIENE: Additional cleaning protocols will be adhered to.

What I Need You To Do

  • THE ROOM: A window must be open to allow ventilation. To minimise touch points please open doors to the room so that I have a clear route and be aware that I cannot assist in moving furniture.
  • PEOPLE: Minimise the number of people that I will come into contact with. This includes children who may be in the property.
  • YOU: Please wash your hands prior to the massage and wear a mask.
  • PAYMENT: Balance transfers can be made prior to the appointment or, if paying in cash please place correct money in an envelope.

If you have any questions, are shielding or considered clinically or moderately vulnerable please call or email to discuss the best way to accommodate your requirements.

Moderatley vulnerable clients are encouraged to seek the advice of their GP, midwife or hospital consultant to assess whether the potential benefits of treatment outweigh the risks and therefore a good idea to go ahead.

If you are unsure if you are classed as clinically or moderately vulernable please check the NHS website.