Swedish Holistic Massage

holistic massageTailored to each individual client, holistic massage therapy (also known as Swedish massage) rebalances both the physical body and the sense of wellbeing. Holistic massage is suitable and advantageous for clientele in varied states of health and physical fitness, with a range of builds and lifestyles.

Physical stress on the body often manifests itself with aches, pains and headaches. Through relaxing tight muscles holistic massage can relieve many postural aches and pains, repetitive strain issues and tension headaches. Circulation and lymphatic drainage can also be improved with massage therapy.

Holistic massage encourages a deep relaxation in the mind and body and can improve your quality of sleep, increase your sense of wellbeing, your concentration and your energy levels. Better relaxation and sleep as well as the power of touch can reduce anxiety and stress.

Banish stress, revive your energy levels and put the spring back in your step with a holistic massage treatment.